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A Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) is designed to identify potential fire hazards and risks to the safety of employees. We recommend that an FRA is conducted by a professional. This will ensure that your business has adequate fire prevention and safety systems.

Meeting your legal obligations

From 1st October 2006 The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires the Responsible Person (RP) of any non domestic premises to carry out a fire risk assessment, including measures to reduce or eliminate the risk of fire, and identify persons at risk. Where there are 5 or more employees, a record must be kept of significant findings and a definition of a Responsible Person is contained in the above Order.

As a full service provider, SSGUK STE Solutions Group can install the right equipment to meet the requirement of your FRA.

What happens during a Fire Risk Assessment?

The aims of an FRA are to identify potential hazards, who is most at risk and reduce the risk of those hazards causing harm. The responsible person (RP) evaluates the risks in the workplace aiming to:

  • Identify Fire hazards and people at risk.
  • Determine what fire safety measures and management policies are needed to ensure the safety of people occupying the building.
  • Take action by implementing fire protection and fire prevention systems with the aim of
    • Reducing the probability of a fire starting
    • Ensure that all occupants are alerted and can leave the premises safely in the event of a fire
    • Limite the effects should a fire occur.

The responsible person will survey the entire premises and use a risk assessment matrix to determine the severity and likelihood of a fire.

What can I expect as a result?

The results of the FRA will determine what systems and policies are needed to improve fire safety at your business. This may include:

  • Fire alarm system improvements
  • Fire extinguishers for specific hazards
  • Emergency lighting systems to help people escape in an emergency
  • Correct signage to ensure people know where the nearest exists are
  • Fire safety training
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