Traditional bells and sirens only act to provide a warning to the occupants of a building. The exact nature of the warning may not be clear. Many schools use their fire alarm as a lunch time bell and can be confusing when the same warning sign is used in an emergency.

STE Solutions Group are experienced in the design and installation of both voice alarms and PA voice alarm systems. We work with you to identify the right system for your needs.

A voice message informs the occupants exactly what to do in an emergency and it is a long established fact that people respond more quickly and are more likely to take the correct action during an evacuation if voice messages are used instead of tone sounders.

A PA Voice Alarm system combines a public address system with fire alarm detectors. A fire rated PA system is connected to the fire detection control panel and can be used to make live announcements.

The benefits of a voice alarm system

  • Clear directions to people in the building
  • Live messages giving exact instructions to people who are not familiar with the surroundings
  • Customised pre-recorded messages (available in multiple languages)
  • Improved management of phased evacuations
  • Non-emergency functionality (public address announcements, background music and advertisements)
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