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During a fire emergency or power outage, employees, customers and tenants must be able to find the nearest exit quickly. If areas of your building have no natural lighting then occupants could be at risk in an emergency.

Emergency lighting provision forms part of your Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) It is a legal requirement that emergency routes and exits requiring illumination must be provided with emergency lighting of adequate intensity in the case of failure of their normal lighting.

BS5266 part 1, requires that emergency lighting systems are able to provide light for 3 hours following the loss of mains power. Your company’s named Responsible Person is legally responsible for ensuring the safety of the occupants of your building.

STE Solutions Group take the results from your FRA to design effective emergency lighting systems to meet your legal obligations. Emergency lighting provision must also be considered for day to day use depending on your business activities. If your building is open out of hours or you operate a night shift then emergency lighting will be necessary throughout your facilities.

Our experienced life safety engineers will work with you to identify the main escape routes and areas of low lighting within your building and install adequate emergency lighting.

Our products include:

  • LED lighting systems
  • Centrally powered emergency lighting units
  • Self-contained emergency lighting units

Emergency lighting inspection and maintenance

Emergency lighting systems must be inspected at regular intervals. STE Solutions Group have a team of 10 conscientious engineers who are qualified to test and inspect your emergency lighting systems.

A service includes a complete system health check including visual and functional tests to ensure correction operation of luminaires. Up to date documentation is provided to ensure compliance with the latest standards.

  • Visual Inspections
  • Functional Tests
  • Battery Discharge Tests
  • Repair and replacement of lighting units
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